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"Need to spend time on that geo tagging. That was gold!"
- Dr. Jeremy Bischoff







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Coming in weekly to share tips, tools & strategies I learn in my brick & mortar business to help you in yours. 

"Melissa has an intuitive way of listening that makes you feel heard and understood. Her calming demeanor combined with her relatability draws you out so you can work on the deep ‘stuff.’ Melissa has a special gift of offering a fresh perspective, honest and valuable input, observation and feedback. You’ll walk away with a renewed focus, actionable next steps, and a smile on your face!"

- Beth DeLaforest, Aspire Insurance

✅ What would it feel like to be the only option in town when someone googled you?
✅ Imagine having raving fans doing all the promoting for you?
✅ How would you like to keep clients longer and have a steady stream of new clients coming in the door?
✅ Imaging leaving the hamster wheel of crazy chaos to leveling up your business, and therefor yourself to a place of cool, calm, confidence that ripples through your community.
I got you. In this FREE visibility workshop I will teach you how to be the only option in town that attracts more dream clients and getting your more profits in your pocket. All this by doing LESS and creating more time freedom for yourself! Sound too good to be true? It can happen, and I will show you how!

“I have been working with Melissa for business coaching for a couple months now and it was one of the smartest decisions I could have made. I am running a fairly new business from scratch, and during COVID, I knew extra help would be beneficial. She has great insights, has helped narrow my needs, and has helped me clarify pieces of my business that I had been struggling with such as niche, bio, networking, and soul-aligned marketing. With her guidance and support, I feel more confident and hopeful that my vision will come to reality." 

- K.ael Jensen, Braided Earth

"Creating Culture that Catapults - in your Team, Clients & Community "
⭐After an epic past 18 months, we have learned, seen and felt first hand how important our tribe is to us as business owners. Having a community that radiates your values out into the world can truly set you apart as a business owner. People desire it. They crave it. They want to be part of it.
⭐We are so excited to have three fabulous guest panelist to do this exceptionally in their businesses.
🤘🏼Jessica Klatt from Wired to Be
🤘🏼Lindsey Robison from Light House Yoga + Fitness
🤘🏼Paul Rode from Agave Kitchen
⭐You'll leave inspired, empowered & equipped to create a community that makes your business thrive!
➡️Grab your ticket Rebel Woman! Then tell your business bestie - because great women support, refer and encourage each other!

After listening to Melissa speak, I realized I need to think and make adjustments to highlight my "1" thing that we do really well to attract more customers. It has helped a lot.

-Jeremy Lilyquist, SES Renovation

You have to work ON your business. Not IN it. You need a mentor who's been through this already and understands what's at stake as you take the leap to the next level.
⭐As a successful business owner, I understand that running a profitable business can be very daunting at times with all the hats that pull our focus and attention.
⭐And I’m here to help. I'll guide you to help you clarify your goals, decide what you should do and hold you accountable. Challenging you, & opening your mind to what's possible.
⭐I invite you to join my one on one coaching program.
⭐It is a 6-12 month commitment and is totally customized around your schedule and your needs.

Our one on one coaching session really helped me to get organized and execute a plan to move forward in growing my business. She gave me specific strategies and suggestions for HOW to do it. She shares her expertise, knowledge and fun, loving energy. If you are a busy female entrepreneur, and feeling overwhelmed by trying to manage ALL THINGS life & business, I highly recommend hiring her as your business coach! You will NOT regret it!

- Dr. Kaitlin Haider, FitPT