Brick & Mortar Visibility

#140: A Recession Does Not Mean Not Showing Up



It’s funny, (but so not funny) how we can self sabotage our studio business goals with our thoughts. Whether it’s what we believe about ourselves, our situation or our surroundings.

In this episode I peel back the curtain on how I turned a launch around in a matter of days simply by changing a few major things that were unknowingly holding me back. I went from nearly giving up on a project to surpassing my goals. So Rebel Women, I had to share the behind the scenes of what wen…

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#139: The Missed Opportunity Podcasts Provide Brick and Mortar Studio Businesses with Angie Trueblood

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Do you love podcasts? 

Obviously.  Duh. I know. 

But have you considered using podcasts as a visibility tool for you?  And YES, as a local brick and mortar business, podcasts can be a great tool in your toolbelt of visibility. 

I have talked about this on the podcast before, and given how to’s on how to get on a podcast.  But today I have an expert in podcast guesting.  And I am so excited for you to meet her.  Angie Trueblood has her own unique spin on guesting for lo…

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#138: When Closing My Business Was Not an Option

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You’ve often heard that the best ideas or spikes of growth in our business come out of necessity. In this podcast I share just that.

In the midst of my worst summer in business ever, I had to take a really hard look at what could I “get rid of” in the short term, so that I could literally keep my doors open.

The solution was right under my nose, and has opened my mind to what it could look like going forward in my studio business.

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#137: My Top 3 Tools for Any Studio Business



Running a successful studio business comes down to a few tools and systems done really well, consistently.

Here I share my favorite that I use daily, and can help any studio owner run their business like a well oiled machine.

This is a must listen!

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#136: Studio Owners - You're Losing Too Much by NOT using Facebook Ads with Michelle Fernandez


Do Facebook Ads have you pulling your hair out?
Not gonna lie. Me too.
But I call on my expert for help and I want to share her with you all.

Introducing Michelle Fernandez, facebook ads expert and Rebel Woman extraordinaire. Listen is as we get real about Facebook ads, and why every studio owner should be using them as part of their visibility strategy.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:
1. Why facebook ads are better then Google ads
2. Why Michelle’s 2-prong app…

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#135: Life Lessons from Baby #4

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As humans in the world we learn from many people. Teachers, mentors, coaches, friends, parents and even our kiddos.

In this episode, I just had to share with you because my sweet baby #4 offered some insight on who, what and how we could get even better in our business.

I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy sharing.

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The Only Thing You Need to Focus On for Ultimate Growth

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#134: From Local to Global - Achieving Top Dollar Status with Celeste Vee


Today is a guest podcast with my steller powerhouse client Celeste!

I’ve had the privilege to work with Celeste Vee for the past 18 months and in that time we have transformed her business from best kept secret to a global, high ticketed, super niche offer!

Here are just a few of the topics we cover:
1. How and why she decided she needed business coaching
2. How her SEO not only rocked her business but also her mindset
3. How to leverage collaborations for ultimate visibilit…

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#133: The Only Thing You Need to Focus On for Ultimate Growth



“Get Better and Your Clients will Demand that You Get Bigger” S. Cathy Truett

I remember hearing this word of advice about three years ago and it stopped me in my tracks. And it’s too good not to share and dive in on how we can get better.

As much as we focus on more, we’d do ourselves a big service if we just focused on getting better at what we already have in place.

Listen in on how I share key times that we need to reflect to get better and how to set about doing it.


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#132: Stop Making Your New Employee Work So Hard!



 Hiring team members is a huge part of scaling your business. However many business owners find it super hard to onboard and train them because of time.

Listen in as I share a quick tip on how you can help your new team member get into the groove quicker, easier AND help you with future onboarding processes and systems.

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#131: Effective, Efficient and Empowering Team Meetings - Shelli Warren


In order to scale your studio in profits and time, you need a great team.

To cultivate a great team we need to hire well. But that’s only the beginning. Creating a team requires us to equip, coach, and lead our team members to all they can be for business and for themselves and in order to do that - we need to meet with them. Often and intentionally.

Todays guest has a plethora of knowledge of creating stellar teams and coaching great business owners to lead their teams w…

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